In Concert: by Phil Auslander
with José Alberto Ferreira
Thessia Machado
By Gavazza + Sciaraffa
May 2020
Musik Paik
By Giuseppe Gavazza
November 2019
Artissima Sound
By Giuseppe Gavazza
January 2019
Pharoah Sanders
By Philip Auslander December 2017
Paging Dr. Doo Wop
By Philip Auslander 2016
Taos Time
By Debra Kaye January 2015
Women in Rock
By Philip Auslander 2014
Lonnie Holley: Keyboard Conjurer
By Andrew Dietz 2014
Other Voices and Other Spaces
By Giuseppe Gavazza 2014
Songs of Summer
by Philip Auslander 2013
Fishin’ in the Country Stream
By Philip Auslander 2013
The Beatles as Virtual Performers
By Philip Auslander 2012
A Road Less Traveled
By U. Aldridge Hansberry April 2010
Interior Exile
By Frédéric Maintenant
January 2011
Warhol Live
by Robert Stalker
September 2011
Gary Glitter
By Philip Auslander
Winter 2010
Sonorous Architecture
By Giuseppe Gavazza
Winter 2010
Too Old To Rock'n'Roll
By Philip Auslander Summer 2010
October 2009
World New Symphony N.1
By Giuseppe Gavazza
September 2009
Carlo Fossati
By Giuseppe Gavazza
February 2009
Brian De Palma
By Philip Auslander
October 2008
Slave To The Rhythm
By Giuseppe Gavazza
September 2008
Worlds In Flux
By Peter Frank
February 2008
What I Listen To
By Jason Freeman
April 2008
The History of Rock
By Philip Auslander
Pictures of an Exhibition: listen to
By Giuseppe Gavazza
November/December 2007
Invisible Music
By Giuseppe Gavazza
October 2007
The Sound and the Theory
By Peter Frank
September 2007
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