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Gilbert and George, Blooded (1983). Courtesy: Tate Modern.

Pictures of an Exhibition: Listen to the show
Gilbert & George: Major Exibition at Castello di Rivoli, Museum of Contemporary Art, Turin 

by Giuseppe Gavazza

I borrow the title "Listen to the show" from the exhibition I reported on last month for The Art Section. 

Gilbert & George aren’t my favorite artists, starting with their slogan: Art for all. 

Not really for me.

In any case, this major exhibition at the Castello di Rivoli Museum in Torino is, as we can read, "the most extensive retrospective of their art that has been organized to date."


So, I cannot avoid visiting it, exploring the 127 works in the 23 rooms on the second and third floors of the Rivoli Museum. As I am involved in sound and the use of any visual recorder (camera or video camera) is forbidden - as usual – in the museum but audio recorders are permitted, I moved through the entire exhibit, room by room as an iPodded walk-man, armed with my digital audio tool (recorder, microphones and headphones). I now present to you my audio reportage. 

Please click on the five images below to visit listening to the show, using the maps and the 5 scores-timelines (there you can see the titles and the thumbnails for all the works of the show) for your 45-minute, imaginative acoustic trip: my voice will announce, room by room, the titles of the exhibited G&G works as I was just in front of them.

Enjoy your visit.

I certify that this recording was made on Sunday October 28th 2007, from 2:42 p.m. till 3:27 p.m. I declare as well that the audio files here presented in 5 sections correspond to the full, real-time, whole recording of my visit to the exhibit, with no post editing. 

Recorded with a ZoomH4 SD Card digital recorder, embedded microphones, limiter on, original file mp3, 112 K, constant bit rate, stereo, 44.1Khz.

Torino, October 31 2007

Ouverture - Giuseppe Gavazza
Second Floor A - Giuseppe Gavazza
Second Floor B - Giuseppe Gavazza
Third Floor - Giuseppe Gavazza
Finale - Giuseppe Gavazza

Giuseppe Gavazza is a composer who lives and works in Turin, Italy.

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