Sun and Sea: Lithuanian Pavilion
By Helen Teede 2019
Engaging Choreographies
By Floriana Piqué 2019
Performance Art, Celebrity
By Philip Auslander 2018
Mark Morris
By Deanna Sirlin 2016
Art Without Borders?
By Philip Auslander 2015
Change Agent
By Tanya Augsburg 2015
Marina Abramovic II
By Philip Auslander 2014
Marina Abramovic
By Harry Weil 2014
The Bride and the Bachelors
By Anna Leung 2013
The Digital Muse
By Phillip Auslander
March 2011
Andy Kaufman
By Philip Auslander
September 2010
Reduce, Reuse. Re-preform
By Harry J. Weil
April 2010
Edwards + Johann
by Philip Auslander 2010
Paint and Performance
Mark Scala and Philip Auslander
June 2009
Big Boi Ballet
By Phillip Auslander 2008
"Experimental" in Art and Performanc
By Jon Erickson
November/December 2007
Annie Leibovitz
By Philip Auslander 2007
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