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All Cézanne’s apples I would give away

For one small Goya or a Daumier.

From W.H.Auden - Letter to Lord Byron


Auden was in love with the figurative aspect of art, and like many other figurative artists before and after him Daumier was a favorite amongst poets and artists. Both Picasso and Degas were big fans and both collected his prints. Contemporary Scottish artist Peter Doig has been fascinated with the Daumier’s painting The Print Collector and made a series of works based on this painting. I so appreciate Anna Leung’s reading of the Daumier exhibition at the Royal Academy.


In this new issue we also have an essay about my favorite grandmother of performance art, Marina Abramovic. Harry Weil takes us through her position in the history of art and the quasi-opera The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic directed by Robert Wilson. I have heard varied opinions of this work from those who have seen it. I hope that everyone eventually will have the opportunity to see this work. Thank you Harry and Anna.


As you may have noticed, The Art Section has a new format. We are working slowly and diligently to get all past writing and projects onto this site. So, if you missed the issue on drawing, for example, it will be here and should be easier for you to find than in our previous archive. Please bear with us, as this is a slow process. If you need to see something from a past issue, just email me here,, and I will try to put it on the site as soon as possible. We are trying to raise money to hire a person to do this and we are thinking of a starting a fund-raising campaign on If you would like to donate something to the campaign or to the archivists directly, please let me know. We value our readers and writers and artists and are continuingly working to put out the best possible magazine.


Wishing you Art, Beauty, Laughter and Health in the New Year!




Deanna Sirlin


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