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I am so delighted to launch the February issue of TAS. I want to welcome back Giuseppe Gavazza, whom I have missed on these pages, as our sound go-to guy. Sorry if this is very idiomatic, but I am told that is not such a bad thing these days. Giuseppe writes of music and sound installations at the Venice Biennales devoted to art and music in an essay you can listen to as well as read, presented here in an English translation by Philip Auslander (thank you thank you) and in the original Italian by the Giuseppe…grazie grazie.


Philip has also written a response to Harry Weil’s essay on Abramovic which appeared in last month’s issue. I am delighted by this and hope many more of you will submit responses so that TAS can become a forum for dialogue.


And Anna Leung, thank you for taking me on a journey to the Tate Modern’s Paul Klee exhibition, a show I would not otherwise get to see or think about, though Klee is an artist close to my heart for his abstracted poetic vision. I am so glad the Tate does not find him to be out of style.


So, readers, I look forward to hearing from you. And although we believe the new design of TAS to be quite beautiful, moving the archive over from the previous platform is very slow going. It would help us to be able to fund this specific effort, so this would be a fortuitous time to make a donation. Thank you in advance for thinking of TAS.



Deanna Sirlin




Paul Klee

A Young Lady's Adventure 1922

Watercolour on paper

Tate Modern

Purchased 1946 DACS, 2002

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