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Pharoah Sanders at the Rialto Theater, Atlanta, Georgia Photo: Judy Ondrey

Dear Readers


With the last issue of the year for 2017 we are pleased to present two articles and one artist project all written and taking place in our home city of Atlanta, Georgia.


Philip Auslander has written about tenor jazz saxophonist Pharoah Sanders. Auslander has been listening to Sanders music for more that 40 years. Sanders shuffled slowly on the stage at the Rialto Theater at Georgia State University in Atlanta this past October but when he began to play his instrument the sounds and music were sublime. The Art Section is very delighted to have this article by Auslander on this significant musician.


I have known Joe Peragine, an Atlanta artist for almost that long but it was Peragine's response to 9/11 with his animated video that took him on new route as an artist.  The Art Section is very pleased to present three of this artist's animations, all using different media in creating his work.


Andrew Dietz has not only written about the concept of "Black" beginning with Malevich's Black Square but move on to contemporary artist Paul Benjamin. Dietz who has also investigates the art he writes about on a personal level has taken his writing one step further by introducing Benjamin to his mentor Michael Elliston, a Painter and Zen Master.  The Art Section is delighted to have this kind of dialogue brought on by our writers and artists.


As we round out the year with articles from the globe from Italy to the Arctic Circle from Rothko to Guston, to Dance and Music, Architecture and Art we appreciate your reading of TAS.


Looking forward to 2018.




Deanna Sirlin is editor-in-chief of TAS. She is an artist and writer.

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