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Oct '13         Exhibitions as Arguments                Nicola De Maria               The Madness to Come 

From Left: David Elliott and Thomas Eller

Exhibitions as Arguments

A Conversation with David Elliott

By Thomas Eller
















On the 18th of September, 2013, the international curator David Elliott had a public conversation with artist Thomas Eller at Cafe Dix in the Berlinischer Akademie in Berlin, Germany As they discussed Elliott's approaches to curating,  a selection of works of art were projected on the wall behind them. For Elliott, who is both a historian and historian of art, showing is believing. Being contemporary means being part of an ever ambivalent historic process in which one has to choose one's arguments - even if one would prefer to avoid this. He talked about cultural political sensitivities in various regions of the world and how being radical today might be the opposite of what is called "criticality."
The Art Section is very pleased to present an audio recording of this stimulating conversation. To hear it, please click on the player below. (Please be patient--it may take a little while to load.)


Part I

Part II

Dialogue Part I - Eller and Elliott
Dialogue Part II - Eller and Elliott

Thomas Eller is a German visual artist and writer. Born and raised in the German district of Franconia 


David Elliott  is a British curator and writer who has directed museums in Oxford, Stockholm, Tokyo, and Istanbul. He is currently Chairman of the Advisory Board of MOMENTUM in Berlin and Vice Director for International Initiatives/ Senior Curator at the Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art and Arts District in Guangzhou. A specialist in Soviet and Russian avant-garde, as well as in modern and contemporary Asian art, he has published widely in these fields as well as in many other aspects of contemporary art.

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