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March 2015          Jane Freilicher       Marlene Dumas         Christoph Schlingensief

Introduction to the Issue


March 2015

Dear Readers,


Welcome to the March Issue of TAS.


In this issue, we have three writers writing about three artists: myself about Jane Freilicher, Floriana Piqué about Marlene Dumas, and Phil Auslander on Christoph Schlingensief.


These artists have distinguished themselves in their work. They are completely different in orientation, in what they do, and in how they set out to do what they do. But each is a significant figure, and I am delighted to bring discourse on these artists to this issue.


I want to thank our writers, but also the thoughtful readers who take the time and space in their lives to think about Art.  I appreciate all of you as well.


All my best,





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