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A Video Essay on Zaha Hadid's Dune Formations

in Venice


By Daniele Frison

Music by Claudio Ambrosini


Deanna Sirlin's introduction to this work when TAS first presented it in our issue for November/December 2007:


Zaha Hadid has been on my mind for a few decades. I am always initially attracted to the ways she crosses the liquid boundaries between architecture, art, and design in her work. I am also attracted to her fearless use of technology to create her work. The first show I saw of hers was in London at the ICA in 2000, when high-tech computer visualization was fairly new. At that time, she showed her curvilinear architecture presented by models and animations as the main part of the exhibition along with early paintings and drawings. Her Venice installation this summer was presented by David Gill Galleries in the Scuola dei Mercanti, a Gothic building. One came out of the scorching bright heat of mid-day Venice into the dark building. The upstairs space, painted black, created a highly a theatrical backdrop to her work. In London this past fall, she showed the same installation in a white cube of a gallery with pristinely painted walls and floors. I am delighted that Venetian videographer Daniele Frison has taken his eye to the Venice version of this installation for The Art Section.



Daniele Frison is a videographer who lives and works in Venice, Italy.






Composer Claudio Ambrosini is the founder of the Ex Novo Ensemble of Venice, which is dedicated to contemporary music, and won a Golden Lion for Music of the Present at the 51st International Festival of Contemporary Music in 2007.


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