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Studio of Pat Steir, Photo: Deanna Sirlin. Gary Glitter, permission of The Guardian UK, Architectural Biennale di Venezia; Photo: Giuseppe Gavazza.

Dear Readers

I am pleased to introduce the November/December issue of The Art Section. Giuseppe Gavazza, whom I know many are delighted to hear from, visited the Architectural Biennale di Venezia this autumn. As a composer and musician, he is very much attuned to sound and has written about his desire for us to notice the sounds around us in conjunction with what we are looking at. Phil Auslander writes about the notion of taste in rock music, something I do not think many of us have considered. As for me, I continue my quest to write about living artists by reporting on my visit with Pat Steir in her Chelsea studio. She is truly an inspiration to me in her paintings, her attitude, and her conviction.

Thank you!

All my best,


Deanna Sirlin is an artist and writer based in Atlanta, GA. She is Editor-in-Chief of TAS.

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