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Richard Long, From Beginning to Ed, 2009, vallauris clay. Photo courtesy of Tate Britain.

Dear Readers, 

I am so excited about this issue, which is about new thoughts, new ideas, and new work.

Anna Leung’s article about Richard Long reminded me of why I was interested in him and excited about his work in the 80’s. His connection to nature is physically personal; his hand touching the earth is primal.

The novelist William S. Burroughs’s films are new to me, and it is my pleasure to publish Robert Stalker’s article on them here. I am pleased that you can watch one of the films then read Robert’s commentary, or vice versa.

And in thinking about new works, I am more than excited to bring you our latest artist’s project, Giuseppe Gavazza’s World New Symphony n.1, his first Geotagged composition and perhaps the first Geotagged piece of music ever made. This new work was just finished in August 2009. So take an audio visit with Giuseppe to Atlanta, New York, Paris, Berlin, and Turin.

My wish is for interesting new things for all of you this Autumn.

All my best,


Deanna Sirlin is an artist and Editor-in-Chief of The Art Section.

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