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Sirlin drawing. Photo: Izzy Garcia

Dear Readers,

This is a special issue of The Art Section, which focuses on a group of artists chosen by our guest editor, artist and curator Andrew Hewish, to write about other artists. Andrew is an Australian who lives and works in London, and the founding director of the Centre for Recent Drawing (C4RD) there. All of the works he has selected speak to drawing and through drawing. The primacy, the directness, and the mind-hand connection inherent in drawing are all quite seductive in the many ways artists articulate their thoughts through drawing. Its intimacy and immediacy are very much of the present, moment;  it is a way of working that evokes the center of the idea and the thought.


I would like to thank Andrew for putting this compelling issue together and all of the writers and artists who contributed to it. Please click here for the link to the issue.


All my best, 




The Art Section

Deanna Sirlin is an artist.

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