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Work by Glenn Goldberg.

I am pleased to present three features in this month’s TAS on artists who are working, thinking, and mixing it up in their genre. The first is the bold move of The Atlanta Ballet to invite Big Boi, an internationally known hip-hop artist from Atlanta, to perform with them. “Hip-hop is a defining element of our city,” says the ballet’s Artistic Director John McFall. “It only makes sense that the two art forms would come together at some point.” Frankly, I wish more artistic directors would think it is natural to work in such hybrid terms. Phil Auslander gives us his reading of this performance, which peaked my interest as well as his, although for completely opposite reasons. Well, all the better, I say.

Artist and writer Cinqué Hicks has always been interested in maps. Here is his interview with New York artist Nina Katchadorian about a new psychological reading of place. And then there is the voice of New York painter Glenn Goldberg. If you read his essay closely, you may imagine the questions he is answering. In fact, he was addressing questions I posed him. However, I felt that Glenn’s voice is clearer without my queries. Glenn gives us a picture of what it is to be a working artist, which has not really changed much since we were in graduate school together in late 70’s. I am happy to report we are both still working at the job of being an artist.


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