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Entrance to the Estorick Collection in Londo; Joyce Kozloff in her studio; Screaming Beatle fans in the Ed Sullivan Theater

What I really like about editing The Art Section is making new discoveries. Often, our writers bring to my attention ideas or artists or exhibitions that I did not know about, which is the case for all three of the articles in this issue. Now, I know that I am one of the writers this month, which makes this seem impossible, but I learned so much more about Joyce Kozloff by visiting her home and studio. Her work and studio practice combine with her very interesting history in the feminist art movement as a founding member of the Heresies collective that published a journal of the same name. But something else came across to me that I hope I was able to impart. As for Anna Leung, thank you so much for introducing us to Alberto Burri, a wonderful artist I had not known about. Somehow I missed him… . Is he new to anyone else? And lastly I did not know about Philip Auslander’s thesis that the Beatles manipulated their image and performance circumstances to counteract all that screaming that went on in their concerts. And as for a Beatles video game--who knew?                                                                                                                                  

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