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Dear Readers


The Art Section's first issue of 2019 embraces a global perspective. I am so happy to present three texts that stretch our perspective in both longitude and latitude. Each of our TAS writers has written for this issue about an exhibition or an artist from the place they currently live.


Tanya Augsburg, a Professor at San Francisco State University, has written about fellow San Franciscan Lynn Hershman Leeson, an artist known for work that investigates the relationship between people and technology. Continuing through 2019, Hershman's work can be seen in exhibitions at SF MoMA, Guggenheim Bilbao, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Whitney Museum of American Art, ZKM in Karsruhe, Germany and at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Connecticut. She is also the subject of well a comprehensive book, Civic Radar, edited by Peter Weibel with contributions by thirteen authors. Hershman's work can be seen on the PBS series Art 21


Andi Arnovitz is an American artist known for her mixed media works who lives in Jerusalem. Andi has written for TAS about an exhibition by the artist Max Epstein. Epstein was born in Pskov, Russia and emigrated to Israel when he was sixteen. He showed provocative mixed media works in his recent exhibition, The Artist's Bed, at Agrippas 12 Gallery in Jerusalem, an artist collective. These found and made artist combines are part of the tradition of such works but also have their own kind of rhyme and reason. I think this exhibition is a departure for this artist one of whose previous exhibitions was titled Borsht, while another was titled Coal. The physicality of these works manifests itself in metaphors.


I am very pleased Giuseppe Gavazza has returned to TAS (and to Italy) after his many year sojourn in Grenoble, France to write his PhD. Giuseppe is a composer and a Professor of Composition, Analysis, Pedagogics and Music Theory at the National Music Conservatory in Milan, Turin, Vicenza and Cuneo. His hometown is Turin and he writes about the recent Artissima there, an international art fair with a section this year that focused on Sound Art. I am grateful to have Giuseppe's particular perspective and expertise back in TAS.


Thank you, our readers, for thinking about art in a global perspective. Soon TAS will be twelve years old; our first issue appeared in May 2007. With great appreciation, I thank all the writers and artists who have become part of this journal.


Wishing you a Happy New Year,



Deanna Sirlin


The Art Section


Deanna Sirlin is an artist and writer from Brooklyn, New York currently living and working outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

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