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In this issue, we go from a studio visit with  New York Artist Melissa Meyer to an introduction to the book Mothership: Tales From Afro-Futurism and Beyond co-edited by the wonderful Edward A Hall, who also shares his thoughts on audio. And last, but not least, an article about Women in Rock by our own Philip Auslander.  


I met Melissa in 1983 and had not seen her again until last winter, although in my travels I had seen her work in both New York City and Munich. It was a pleasure to catch up with her and think about the routes we have taken in our art lives over the years. It was through writing that we reconnected, and I am delighted to present her work here. I asked Edward Austin Hall to write something about the book Mothership, and if that title does not get your attention, his rich, clear voice reading his text should do the trick. Afro-Futurism is a compelling subject and I look forward to exploring more of the stories in this book. I am equally delighted to read Phil's take on women and rock … great that these guys are exploring the female side of things with such wonderful appreciation. Bravo.


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Thanks so much,


Deanna Sirlin

Editor in Chief

The Art Section

Image: Melissa Meyer's Studio and Book 

photo credit: Sharon Butler

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