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Special Issue on Drawing Edited by Andrew Hewish

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Introduction to the Special Issue


By Andrew Hewish

Phil Goss


by Julio Lopez Tornel 



By Andrew Hewish

Kirsty Buchanan


by Paul Kindersley

Paul Kindersley


By Kirsty Buchanan

Jessie Brennan


by George Charman

Thomas Müller


By Gordon Shrigley

Aleksandra Waliszewska


By Iona Roisin

Julio Lopez Tournel


By Phil Goss 

George Charman


By Jessica Brennan

Virginia Verran


By Andrew Mania

Kate Beck


By Frank Eerhart

Giulia Ricci


By Tess Jaray

Daphne Warburg Astor


By Jason Hicklin

Jason Hicklin


By Scott Blaser

Scott Blaser


By Teresita Dennis

Nick Fox 


By Matt Hearne

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