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Blake Gopnik In Dialogue

with Philip Auslander

Edward Hirsch in Dialogue

with Opal Moore

By Ingmar Lähnemann

Poets Jericho Brown, Sharan Strange, Felton Eaddy, Opal Moore and Frank Walker at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia

The Art Section is pleased to have presented a live reading of new poems inspired by the High Museum of Art’s exhibition “Something Over Something Else”: Romare Bearden’s Profile Series as part of 

The High Museum’s “High Frequency Fridays”  on January 3rd, 2020.

It was a great success! Over 250 people came for the Poetry and Art. 

 New Poems by Felton Eaddy, Frank X Walker, Jericho Brown and Sharan Strange

curated by Opal Moore.

To read the poems, hear the poets read their read their poems as well as videos of the event please click here

The Art Section would like to congratulate Jericho Brown on receiving the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

The audience at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia

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