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Jorn Ake, Portrait of the Artist. ©

Joan Snyder's studio (2011). Photo: Deanna Sirlin.  

Hedda Sterne, Further I (1985). Courtesy of CDS Gallery, NY.

Dear Readers,

The Art Section is very pleased to welcome two new writers to the summer issue, which you will have two months to linger over and, I trust, enjoy. I met Jorn Ake, a poet, photographer, and bicyclist extraordinaire, when he was a senior at the College Of William and Mary where he worked for me in the gallery. I so enjoyed his spirit and mind then, and continue to now as we reconnected by chance over twenty years later. As a poet, Jorn has published three books and I'm sure he's working on another as I type these words. Listen to him read his poem "Boys Whistling Like Canaries" and read the text at the same time, if you wish, to savor his rhythm and art.
Stephanie Buhmann has brought back to my attention the painter Hedda Sterne, that woman we all want to recognize that from the famous group portrait of the Ab Exes photographed by Nina Leen for Life Magazine in 1950. Hedda Sterne lived a long, productive life, much of it married to Saul Steinberg, the well known New Yorker illustrator. She died this past April at the age of 100.
It was my extreme pleasure to meet the artist Joan Synder whose work is an endless reflection on summertime, when nature is at the height of her power. Synder is making some of her most important work now, so perhaps this is the summertime of her artistic oeuvre.
Thank you artists, writers, poets, and readers. Hope your summer is wonderful .


All my best,



The Art Section

Deanna Sirlin is an artist.

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