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Pablo Picasso, Las Meninas (after Velázquez), 1957. Courtesy: Museu Picasso, Barcelona.

Dear Readers,

This month brings us an evocative dialogue between Mark Scala and Philip Auslander that explores the physicality of painting in relation to the body in performance. Figurative painting is lushly discussed here, including artists such as Picasso and Bacon. Anna Leung brings us a separate discussion of Picasso, who has been the subject of many recent exhibitions in Paris as well as the one at the National Gallery in London that she challenges here. I saw both the Paris and the London exhibitions and preferred the one in London, which did not include the masterworks except on small cards in the gallery. Next to the “original,” the Picasso is a friendly annoyance. Without it, we can enjoy his pictorial language fully and directly the way I believe he meant it to be perceived. Anna offers her reading of this side-by-side examination of Picasso and the past. 

We also have a short video by the Turkish artist Imren Tüzün. I am delighted to present this artist through this refreshing and thoughtful work. The Art Section will be presenting many artists’ projects in the coming year. and I am delighted for it to be a vehicle for such presentations.

This is our second anniversary issue. I am happy, and thankful to all who have supported this journal in the last two years. I will not say it has not been a challenge, but as we all know, few things worth working on are simple. 

All my best,


Deanna Sirlin is an artist.

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