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Martin Vosswinkel, Color Mobiles in Berlin.

Dear Readers, 

In this month’s TAS, our first anniversary issue, we have a mélange of perspectives. “A Letter from Berlin” follows some of the recent thoughts and journeys of Michael Nentwich, former Director of the Goethe Institute in Atlanta, who is now making his home back in Germany after 12 years in the United States. Martin Vosswinkel, who is from Bremen, Germany, also talks about how travel transforms one’s perspective from the artist’s point of view by writing about his recent studio time in Berlin. His writing has been graciously translated for us from German to English for us by artist Christina Price Washington. Novelist Jennifer Cody Epstein has taken a fictional journey inspired by a Chinese painter whose work she was moved by and about whom she wrote her first novel. Here, she writes about that journey and reads from The Painter from Shanghai.

So, travel is our theme, certainly an appropriate one now that we think so often about what is happening globally.

And my salutation is a quote from an email from Martin Vosswinkel: “a hug, a night kiss, and a lot of Berlin air.”

All my best,


Photo: Sig Guthman

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